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Double Violin Concerto in D Minor BWV 1043

Generally speaking woodwinds provide the strings with more volume and power, while the strings make the woodwinds more mellow, especially when playing in unison.

If the strings are playing with a single woodwind instrument in different registers the latter can assert itself. The tonal blend with brass instruments is not so good as with the woodwinds and depends on which register the brass instruments are playing in and on which playing technique the strings are using pizzicato, col legno. The use of the mute on brass instruments makes them sound similar to the strings and improves the blend. Vienna Symphonic Library. English German.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Violin - Sound combinations All stringed instruments form a group with a homogeneous overall sound and perform tasks ranging from the subtlest tonal effects to the most eloquent reinforcements of sound and from the greatest possible tonal compactness to the greatest possible diversity. String sections String sections in large orchestras are composed as follows: 1st violins: 16 2nd violins: 14 Violas: 12 Cellos: 10 Double-basses: 8.

An accomplished violinist as well as keyboard player, Bach wrote at least six concertos for one or more violins and a number combining violin with other types of solo instruments. He intended the solo parts for himself or for his qualified students or professional colleagues, including several of his own sons.

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750).
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This music society, founded at the University in by then student-of-jurisprudence Georg Philipp Telemann, was made up primarily of students under professional leadership. Texture refers to the different layers in composition and how they interact with one another and dynamics can help control the intensity of the piece. Brahms writes the concerto with:.

An audio example of the orchestra playing a crescendo. There are three movements in the concerto.