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Makes me laugh, but this is one book edited for content and quality I could like to see produced into a professional movie that guys and gals like equally. I have fallen in love with the characters and settings of this series. Thud present day settings and how the past locations fit in so well with the reincarnation is awe inspiring. As you read this you feel yourself being drawn in as if your standing in the same room watching this unfold around you.

The emotions of the characters are absorbed and you begin to feel then as you would feel for friends going through this type of ups and downs. You want love to conquer and true friendship to show itself. You cheer for the virtuous the kindhearted and your disappointed when others let their greed and fears drive them.

Fearing further disciplinary action, Scriptoris travelled in to Vienna and Rome, where he tried to find support. By , Paulus Scriptoris was rehabilitated and safely returned to Heilbron. He was about to be sent to a lectureship in Toulouse the general vicar Martialus Brulier, but was first asked by the bishop of Basel Christoph von Utenheim to assist in the reform of the Cluniacencian monastry St.

Alban in Basel. Bonaventure and the teachings of Scotus. This seems to have been the general trend in the Observant province of Cologne in the later fifteenth century [see: V.

The Last Killiney

Hungarian friar. Entered the observants probably before finishing his theological studies. From onwards active in the convent of St. Died there on 19 January Especially famous for his sermon collections, as well as for his commentaries on OT and NT books esp. See for access also the Munich State Library website.

Pomerium Sermonum de Tempore s. Pomerium Sermonum de Sanctis a. See also the website of the Munich State Library digitized copy of the edition. Tertium De decalogi preceptis ] [nine more editions before ]. Stellarium Coronae Mariae Virginis a. It would seem that the and editions can be read in full on the website of the Munich State Library.

The book, which follows the structures of the 4 books of the Sentences contains esp.

Wadding, Script. Teetaert, Dict. Studies in Late Medieval Hungarian History , ed. Atti del Convegno Macerata-Sarnano, november , ed. Atti del Convegno internazionale, dicembre , ed. Annual of the Institute of History, University of Szeged 15 , Italiaanse minderbroeder, provinciaal minister in Griekenland en Genua, metgezel van Haymo van Faversham. Hij is de auteur van een Chronicon abbreviatum de successione generalium ministrorum , geschreven in de vorm van een brief aan zijn minister generaal Gaufridus.

Little red. Thomae vulgo dicti de Eccleston de adventu fratrum minorum in Angliam. Parijs, Berlijn, Probably an Italian Friar Minor and author of a series of Epistolae , which concern his travels to the East. Atti del X Convegno storico di Greccio , ed. Petrus Pedro de Lisboa, fl.

Lector of theology and preacher. One sermon on the victory at Aljubarrota August has survived. Tuscan friar from Florence. Member of the Santa Croce friary.

Became master of theology and wrote several philosophical works, none which have survived. If the identification with Petrus Florentinus is correct, he is the author of a vita of Marguerita da Faenza. Sbaralea, Supplementum ed.

Rome, , , ; Negri, Scrittori Fiorentini , ; M. Theologian and preacher. Received the licence of theology and listed as doctor of theology in 19 August Magister regens of the Studium Generale at Paris in Paris BN Lat. Famous exegete, preacher and orator at the U. Commentarium in I-IV Sent. Madrid, Nac. Liber iste Sententiarum dividitur in tres partes principales.

In prima praemittet, quod parat Magister scribere etc. Murphy, also lists the incipits and expl. Qui in Prima sui divisione in duas secatur partes principales, scilicet in partem prohemialiter initiativum, et in partem finaliter executivam. In prima parte praemittit Magister, quod intendit scribere…. Inc: Omnia subiecisti sub pedibus eius, oves et boves [Psalm 8, 8].

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Scriptum est in octavo Psalmo, ubi doctrina fidei magno fluxu fluit, ubi hostis extranei succumbit virtus subversa, ubi gressus rectae spei vestigia sunt dispersa. Haec sunt nomina. Patri ad Boves postilla super Apocalypsim : Troyes, Bibl. Scriptum est in octavo Psalmo, sicut ad introductionem aliorum librorum Bibliae fuit pluries recitatum. Quod nunc et ad introductionem libri Apocalypsis idcirco resumptum est, quia riget generale capitulum corripiens, viget virtuale robus hostes deiciens, claret supernale fastigium sursum iens.

Petri ad Boves ordinis fratrum minorum doctoris maximi, que postilla super Apocalypsim fuit per eundem integre composita. II ]. Sermones in celeberrimis Lutetiae Parisiensi eclesiis habiti [Sermones de T.

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Mazarine Inc. Folios 1 and are missing. Sermo [vernacular text. Sermones de Passione Christi : Paris, Bibl. On ff. Inc: Commence la vie et la passion de nostre seigneur Jhesu Christ quil souffry en ce monde pour nous pouvre pecheurs selon Boneaventure. Laquelle frere pierre aux beufs cordelier docteur en theologie a preschee devant le roy et autres a Paris. Deo graciae.

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No place, printer or date are given. Inc [f. Ad philipenses iio et in epistola dominice curentis. Sentir de buons en esprit. La douleur de ihesu crist. Work seems not to have survived as such]. Some passages survive in: Journal de Nicolas de Baye , ed. | Free Stuff Unlimited | Page 9

Sermones i celeberrimis Lutetiae Parisiensi ecclesiis habiti , ed. Directorium praecipuarum Quaestionum Theolog. Spanish friar. Born in Carbajales Zamora. As a child, he travelled with his parents from Spain to Peru. Lector Jubilatus in Around this time he went to Spain as procurator for his province and he partipated as custodian for his province in the general chapter of Toledo In Pedro moved to Rome as procurator for the promotion of the beatification of the missionary Francisco Solano.

In Rome, he was appointed general procurator for his order, and he was commissioned to order the archives and libraries of the order. This led to the publication of two volumes entitled Indiculum Bullarii Seraphici Rome, The other eight envisaged volumes did not appear, for Pedro moved back to Spain. Back there, he abandoned all projects to devote himself completely to the defense of the immaculate conception.

His archival and theological investigations on this topic did not find a printer in Spain. But in he moved to the Southern Low Countries where Belgian Franciscans in Louvain and Namur provided him with facilities to publish his works. For this purpose, Pedro established a Typographia Immaculatae Conceptionis , which was closed already in by Royal order, thanks to machinations of the Dominicans.

But in these five years , Pedro was able to edit several works, which form an important source for the history of the immaculate conception. Armamentarium Seraphicum et Regestum universale pro tuendo titulo Immaculatae Conceptionis Madrid, Sol Veritatis Madrid, Naturae Prodigium Gratiae Portentum Madrid, The book came on the index of the Catholic Church because it elevated Francis to a godlike position.

Yet this did not prevent its dissemination in both Europe and the Americas. Monumenta antiqua Immaculatae Conceptionis Louvain, Monumenta antiqua seraphica pro Immaculata Conceptione Louvain, Alva y Astorga y sus escritos inmaculistas. Studied Greek there. His father forced him to join the Franciscans. Together they visited the houses of a local circle of humanists. In reponse, both men left the monastery [check for Rabelais].

Amy took refuge in the Benedictine house of St.