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Seven years later Ills poems were published, winning for him a re- nown of which he had never dared to dream of during his brief and tragic life from the colorful history of their rugged "island provini-e" tales of Interest and excitement that fall easily into the modern way of life of Newfoundlanders. Newfoundland's contribution to world peace is her ideal location as a naval base for the navy that will rule the Atlantic, and many of the island s men have given their lives, as seamen and soldiers, in the cause of liberty in two world wars, he says.

Bed letter Edition" Win otonl. The volume also includes a glossary of Eliza- bethan terms, and competent intro ducthms to the volume as a whole and to each play by Frederick P. New buflc type for tin- scasotj ahead is the slim dnss done in sheer arehif ton-weight w.

You will see excel- lent narrow lines with controlled fullness making them easier to wear. For example, the long torso line whl'h moulds the figure through the midriff jfnd right down to the hips may have flat pleats below. Other narrow lines include the trumpet tv pcs with a low flare at the knees breaking figure revealing lines.

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As the for- mality of your after five dress in- creases. Slim tucked crepe, antlnqne gold taffeta, prints and lace arc well represented. Rose, medium blur, mauve light greni and sunny yellow will be worn by brute and aitrndants. They are used with discrimination and chosen with an affinity to the various new fabrics longhaired furs with textured fabrics and short WY furs with smoother woolens. I Fitted jackets we not overfitted Ind the loose jacket is snug about Ihe hips. Evtthout the fur you are perfectly It home for general daytime event! Although very much antiquated by the time First World War was well under way, tV'th Rainbow and Nlobe were able to render good service as units of the Royal Cana- dian Navy.

Lelindp and Nurenberg, were on the loose in the vicinity of the Mexican coast, in the waters of which the Royal Navy sloops-of war, Algerine and Shear- water. If required, to British merchantmen known to be in Mexican waters, as well as take cm the task of escorting Algerine and Shearwater to Esquimalt. B was feared by local naval heads that both sloops would he- in peril.

Apparently In safe hiding. Rainbow steamed away south without sight- ing either of them and returned tc Esquimalt. Hose in Rainbow ada's Navy lit one exploit, since fol- lowed in many more. At the same time, with German ships on the prowl in the Pacific until Stup. As the newly-acquired swhrr. Both come from the French "gent-U.


There's an ingenious mega- phi. One of our fight champs — Tve never art-wered the first- round bell that 1 wasn't scared half to death! Use masking tape vvb. It does not rnar the finish An ideal strainer to remove lump- and m um from paint is an old nylon stinking If the stop- per on a hot -water bottle leak-, wrap a rubber band several times around its top thread In Mexico, they drink from a bottle called a " Rerun.

David Nivr-n, the British actor, has appeared in Id films. When it has dried naturally, brush it off Of the many risks taken by the cockle gatherers m the bay t which Is done at low tide! The puppy knew so many tricks that it was only natural the princesses should want a similar dog.

Mother, hut Tose-t com- Ivham which Margaret. Suddenly he sat up and sniffed. Tf A typical Penclawdd w. One of litem carried a bag. He explained that hi- name was Sir John Wilson, that he was the keeper of the king's ctamp-. And on Sunday morning. But in Amer- ica. H Eventually the G. As a result, aitjlod in the US.

La Bottega del Caffè (Italian Edition)

The present investigation, n was explained was in line with he company's h. Richer, commanding officer of R. F training station ai GimJi. Regiment aim- ing praetice. Ih- said poll re were guarding the clinic where ihe birth.


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Frost but no snow Santa as he pulled his sleigh lo a stop before Vic- toria's city hall yesterday to greet Mayor Claude L. Harrison and several hundred children. Street and again on Saturday when Mrs. Victoria, announce the eni;age- ment of their daughter. Keith Duncan, brides malrnn.

W H Cross, Madrona Drive. Deep Cove Mrs F. Timber Lane and Mrs. Don Marshall of Youhou and Mr. Ford have been asked to pour tea. J L Gales, Mrs. Cecil Yerex of Prlnre George and eight of their grandchildren, were present for the occasion.

Much more than documents.

Why not a sweater for every member of the family? Matron of honor al Hip ceremony will hr Mrs. N irTi, elder son of Mr. Kyle, Queen Anne Heights. Thp marriage w ill take place on December 27, at St. Miss Sonet graduated from St. Homemade mince- meat from an old English recipe will also he featured Afternoon tea will he served with Mrs. Murray Andcmnn and Mrs. Austin Curtis, left and Mrs. The annual poinsetta tea and bazaar to be held under the auspices of the Auxil- iary to the Victoria Nursing Home will take place at t he Y M.

Proceeds of i he affair will go toward furnishings of the new addition to the nursing home. Austria and Yugoslavia for lengthy stays. Mrs, J, Navsmith and Mrs. Banks look over their handi- Gowns bought on a recent trip to Europe arc worn by Kathleen Dalton who is appearing as guest artist at the York Theatre. Knights- hridge lo Dr John Dalton she retired from the theatre.

Walti's Adventures

Her daughter, Sarah, remained m a a ' Mm J. Andrew s Presbyterian Church guild held yesterday afternoon in the church parlors. Half a pound of red cherries rusts 33 tents while six ounces of i he green cherries sell for 26 cents Chopped walnuts are priced at 69 cents a pound and 17 cents for half a pound.